Frequently asked questions

How do you get prices?
Many forwarders have API on there sites. And you see actual prices on this site because we get prices online.
But several forwarders doen't have API. I we developed individual integration modules for these sites.
What do I do if I think than prices on this site incorrect?
Likely you used price calculator on forwarder site and saw price lower than on this site. I can describe why this happens. This is a possible reasons:
  • Forwarder's calculator doesn't added insurance price
  • Forwarder's calculator doesn't added price for processing incoming parcels
  • Forwarder's calculator doesn't added commission for payment
Why forwarder's calculators show lower price? Because thy whant to show that there prices are lowest. And thy want attract new clients.
This calculator show final prices with all hidden services.
You exact sure that this site calculate wrong prices!!!
Yes it is possible. We can make mistakes too. Please feel free to contact us and write about any mistakes! Here is our contacts.